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Detox Not On A Winter’s Day
Know that if there is a time in the year when you can indulge and get away, it is this
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It is that time of the year when ‘detox’ seems to be on everyone’s mind. Guilt-ridden and over-burdened with the boxes of mithais, late dinners and other atyachars on our stomach, we seek redemption. And that comes in another gift-wrapped box of starving and over-exercising, or at least that’s what fashion magazines and kitty party gossip seem to suggest. The timing couldn’t get worse; this is also when winter sets in.

Winter leads to a natural rise in our appetite and that’s exactly why so many nutrient-rich (perceived as “high calorie” by the uninitiated) foods are celebrated this season. The good old gajar ka halwa, immortalised by Hindi cinema, gajak, makki ki roti-sarson ka saag, bajra rotis with white butter and til-gul, the list is really endless.

When we lower our calorie intake during winter with the whole detox drama, we force our body to dull its metabolic rate. It does so by slowing down your thyroid hormone and subsequently weakening the appetite.

Now we all know that strong digestion and a good appetite are signs of a healthy body and a cheerful mind. So when nature has already gifted you winter and an associated rise in appetite as an anti-ageing tool, don’t axe it by starving yourself. Know that if there is a time in the year when you can indulge and get away, it is this. There is a reason to eat these foods in winter—they keep the joints lubricated, metabolism high and help keep up with the increased appetite.

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