10 Questions
Anita Kanwar
Years after the heady success of Buniyaad, Lajoji resurfaces as a cop in a new serial
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Why this long hiatus after Buniyaad?
I just needed it. There's no particular reason for it.

What kept you occupied in these years?
Nothing really. I shifted from Bombay to Delhi since I did not keep too well in Bombay.

Your co-stars like Alok Nath capitalised on Buniyaad's super-success. Do you wish you had done the same?
No. Because I could have done the same had I wanted to but obviously I didn't. This hibernation has been by choice. It was definitely not because of any dearth of work.

What made you accept the role of a cop in Saboot?
I love the character I play. She's a modern, intelligent Indian woman. Even though it's her job to nab murderers, she manages to retain her humaneness.

Does this indicate a permanent return to television?
No. I will go back into hibernation.

Post-Buniyaad you considered acting in films, but it never took off. How do you rate your chances in Bollywood?
If I didn't have any chances then, I'd have even fewer chances now. I looked for roles once but I don't anymore.

Do you have any plans to direct serials in the foreseeable future?
No. Acting itself is such a draining experience I feel it's best to go back into hibernation.

It takes a lot more to be noticed in the television crowd. Do you feel you'll have to try that much harder the second time round?
It's the survival of the fittest. But I don't think about standing out. I just do my best but I don't try to pre-empt that I should be the best.

Any plans for the old team of Anita Kanwar-Alok Nath-Ramesh Sippy to make a return on our screens?
It hasn't happened. But let's move on.

What keeps you motivated as an actress?
I didn't want to come back to acting for a very long time. But acting is a barometer and as you grow as a person, acting becomes a test to see where you stand in life.

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