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'None of the 6 specific questions I asked Justice Lahoti have been replied specifically by him. Instead he accuses me of stooping low. Let the public themselves decide who is stooping low.'
Markandey Katju | Tue Jul 22, 2014
Photo Essay
What's on the dining tables of Muslims across the globe after the day long fast during Ramzan?
| Tue Jul 22, 2014
For many years now, football in India has suffered from the apathy of the state and corporates. It is time for community ownership by fans of the game.
Siddharth Peter de Souza | Tue Jul 22, 2014
View From The USA
Turning 70, paragraph by paragraph
Tom Engelhardt | Tue Jul 22, 2014
Full Text
The full text of the controversial blog by the PCI chairman alleging that 10 years back, despite an "adverse IB report", a "corrupt" Additional Judge of the Madras High Court was allowed to continue in office by three former CJIs—Justices R C Lahoti, Y K Sabharwal and K G Balakrishnan
Markandey Katju | Mon Jul 21, 2014
Justice Katju's revelation today about how a reputedly corrupt judge came to be appointed in the Chennai High Court, once again highlights the serious problems with the process of appointment of judges to the higher judiciary.
State Snippets
The perception that the Begumpet camp office's faulty vaastu does not allow CMs to complete their full term is weighing heavily on KCR's mind, say sources.
Madhavi Tata | Mon Jul 21, 2014
To the social subsidy whiners, please check corporate write-offs column
P. Sainath | Mon Jul 28, 2014
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
| Mon Jul 28, 2014
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Singapore is a corporation, not a country. It is to Bali as yin is to yang.
Nur Laiq | Mon Jul 28, 2014
The Secret Diary of
Am I a seaming all-rounder? Ian Chappell wondered what I was doing in a Test match.
V. Gangadhar | Mon Jul 28, 2014
10 Questions
The actor on The Anupam Kher Show—Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai and why celebrities aren’t larger-than-life personalities
Marika Gabriel | Mon Jul 28, 2014
movie review
Just too long to suffer, even as a brainless nod to old-style formulaic cinema.
Deepa Deosthalee | Mon Jul 28, 2014
movie review
Something about it works: it is a ‘100 per cent original fake’ of DDLJ.
Namrata Joshi | Mon Jul 28, 2014
Spare, incandescently passionate, straining conventions, Meena Kandasamy reignites the Kilvenmany massacre
Urvashi Butalia on The Gypsy Goddess By Meena Kandasamy | Mon Jul 28, 2014
A real delight to read with unexpected, tangential detours, an ear for the uncanny and a distilled, bare-boned way of writing
Satish Padmanabhan on Literary Miniatures By Florence Noiville Translated By Terersa L. Fagan | Mon Jul 28, 2014
Nadine Gordimer (1923-2014), R.I.P.
| Mon Jul 28, 2014
foodie alert
Food is also memory: a culinary suite conjures up a riverine junction in Old Bengal
Sunil Menon | Mon Jul 28, 2014
politics: bjp
Amit Shah’s elevation as BJP boss could dent party in the long-term
Uttam Sengupta | Mon Jul 28, 2014
chhattisgarh: attacks on christians
The few Christians in Bastar and Surguja face sporadic Hindu ire
Yashwant Dhote | Mon Jul 28, 2014
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