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30 Years
Jis tann lãgé soee jãné’, a Punjabi saying goes. Only she whose body is hurt, knows.
Gauri Gill | Fri Oct 31, 2014
Book Extract
On the 39th death death anniversary of Sachin Dev Burman (October 1, 1906 to October 31, 1975), a look back at the last three years of the maestro's life
Khagesh Dev Burman | Extracts from S.D. Burman: The World of his Music By Khagesh Dev Burman | Fri Oct 31, 2014
For The Record
The eminent lawyer writes another open letter to the finance minister: 'I want to show to the nation that you are determined to see that Prime Minister Modi can never fulfil his pledge to the unfortunate people of India to get back the black money'
Ram Jethmalani | Fri Oct 31, 2014
So now that we have “centre mein Narendra, state mein Devendra,” it is time to remember that the two share little except the rhyming name
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber | Fri Oct 31, 2014
View From Israel
Throughout the years, in hundreds of UN votes, Israel has stood loyally with the US, and vice versa. An unshakable alliance, so it seemed. And now this is what they call our valiant Prime Minister?
Uri Avnery | Fri Oct 31, 2014
While railing against the Congress, Modi is actually targeting regional parties. His strategy involves ensuring that the Congress loss does not become any regional party’s gain in state after state.
R.K. Misra | Wed Oct 29, 2014
State Snippets
From Burdwan to Birbhum, there is just no dearth of embarrassment for the Trinamool.
Dola Mitra | Wed Oct 29, 2014
Is Surrogacy a human right or reproductive exploitation? Wild variation in regulations worldwide ensures it remains both.
Joseph Chamie, Barry Mirkin | Wed Oct 29, 2014
Caught on the back foot by the humiliating backfiring of their fantastical Meerut scenario, it is now the turn of unethical media and ‘social science’ votaries to pitch in
Nivedita Menon | Tue Oct 28, 2014
Discontent and chaos in West Asia are rooted in treaties drafted at the close of World War I
Marc Grossman, Simon Henderson | Tue Oct 28, 2014
View From The USA
Will the war on terror be the template for the Ebola crisis?
Karen J. Greenberg | Mon Oct 27, 2014
A certificate from the local, state or central government is not enough. Now business also needs the consent of local people,
John Morrison | Mon Oct 27, 2014
Black Money
The BJP-led central government's latest turnaround raises key questions
Aam Aadmi Party | Mon Oct 27, 2014
On the mobile phone, its impact on our lives and the society we live in.
Pranay Sharma | Mon Nov 03, 2014
leap of mind
When men were men, and the Brits were nervous. How would the titans have used social media?
Shovon Chowdhury | Mon Nov 03, 2014
phonecam shots
When the camera went pleb with the arrival of the phonecam, everyone but everyone was clicking. So were the ace lens-eyes. Here’s a small portfolio....
| Mon Nov 03, 2014
When the mobile phone became the symbol of match-fixing
Suresh Menon | Mon Nov 03, 2014
personally speaking
From Bookmyshow to Uber via Tripadvisor...and
| Mon Nov 03, 2014
Mobiles: a chronology
The mobile’s amazing fecundity can be tracked to the first fire signal
Pranay Sharma | Mon Nov 03, 2014
in retrospect
Would a mobile-enabled Emergency have been different?
Uttam Sengupta | Mon Nov 03, 2014
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