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defence: one rank, one pension
The Modi government is apparently set to keep the promise he made to ex-soldiers
Ushinor Majumdar | Mon May 04, 2015
The prime minister seems to have walked into a bog. This is his first policy challenge.
Saba Naqvi | Mon May 04, 2015
The BJP’s newly-won hold over Jats loosens as land acquisition fuels anger
Pragya Singh | Mon May 04, 2015
Former prime minister H.D. Deve Gowda on the politics of land determining development.
Imran Qureshi | Mon May 04, 2015
land acquisition
Govt seems to perform most efficiently while organising land dirt cheap for corporates
Uttam Sengupta | Mon May 04, 2015
State Snippets
Modi wave may have lessened considerably, but it wasn't low enough for Narayan Rane to convert another electoral contest into a win.
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber | Sat Apr 25, 2015
A random sample from the British newspapers
| Mon May 04, 2015
Last Page
My first visit to the Golden Temple and I am both awed and appalled.
Anil Thakraney | Mon May 04, 2015
the Secret Diary of a
For people like me, words and phrases like promotions, work-related bonuses, raise, stock options have ceased to make much meaning.
V. Gangadhar | Mon May 04, 2015
Movie Review
Mani Ratnam fails as a writer and love becomes just another metaphor for tradition.
Sundar Sarukkai | Mon May 04, 2015
10 Questions
The Indo-American pop artist talks about his music, fashion label and more.
Geetika Mantri | Mon May 04, 2015
A post-Emergency play adapted from the Mahabharata is relevant in these times of thuggish Hindutva and loss of hope
Hartman de Souza on Bedtime Story, Black Tulip By Kiran Nagarkar | Mon May 04, 2015
A rehashing of top CEO profiles leads up to the pieces de resistance: inspiring quotes
Anvar Alikhan on Mantras For Success, India's Greatest CEOs Tell You How To Win By Suhel Seth and Sunny Sen | Mon May 04, 2015
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
| Mon May 04, 2015
delhi Restaurant
The flavours of Jhinga Malvani, a sweetish concoction of pra­wns nestling in coconut milk, flavoured with Konkan spices, linger on.
Sakshi Virmani | Mon May 04, 2015
Business in bitesizes
| Mon May 04, 2015
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
It doesn’t seem to dedicate much space to sports. Even if cricket finds some mention, football is largely ignored.
Baichung Bhutia | Mon May 04, 2015
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
It has stood up for the freedom of the media.
Ambika Soni | Mon May 04, 2015
Outlook in retrospect.
| Mon May 04, 2015
Corbusier’s inhuman urban strategies become us
A.G. Krishna Menon | Mon May 04, 2015
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