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Peshawar, 16 December, 2014. Pablo Neruda. Agha Shahid Ali. Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Mohammed Hanif
Buzz | Wed Dec 17, 2014
| Wed Dec 17, 2014
'Afghan Taliban feel that the main target should be NATO and the West, and not the Pakistani state, on which, after all, they have relied for a long time'
View From The USA
Could the Senate torture report be the opening to really make U.S. torture a thing of the past?
Rebecca Gordon | Tue Dec 16, 2014
A Mumbaikar in Dilli
May be, just maybe, we can start being friends, Delhi and Mumbai? Ring out the old rivalry?
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber | Tue Dec 16, 2014
The more the opposition holds on to protests against conversions into Hinduism, the more fuel the BJP will get for its original argument, that all conversions are bad and must be regulated by the state, even though this necessarily cuts against freedom of religion.
Aakar Patel | Mon Dec 15, 2014
For The Record
1) Make in India; 2) Make for India; 3) Ensure transparency and stability of the economy; and 4) Work towards a more open and fair global system.
Raghuram Rajan | Mon Dec 15, 2014
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In spite of the election action, there is a terrible melancholy floating about over Srinagar after the September floods
Saba Naqvi | Mon Dec 22, 2014
The elusive Arijit Singh carries Bollywood tunes like no one else today
Namrata Joshi | Mon Dec 22, 2014
sports: besides cricket
As a T20-soaked cricket loses lustre, other sports gather a crowd with new shine
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber | Mon Dec 22, 2014
A random sample from the British newspapers
| Mon Dec 22, 2014
‘double’ Secret Diary...
We have been running for 1,000 weeks, very soon, our statues will be erected in Delhi and Punjab.
V. Gangadhar | Mon Dec 22, 2014
Movie Review
Cartoonish characters, mindless comedy...a blatan­tly chauvinistic wannabe blockbuster
Namrata Joshi | Mon Dec 22, 2014
10 Questions
The jewellery designer, from jewellery brand Amrapali, on his passion and the need to preserve the Indian tradition.
Sakshi Virmani | Mon Dec 22, 2014
At a time when India was riven with poverty and communal riots, Nehru’s missives to his chief ministers are a model of sagacity, persuasion and statecraft
Prem Shankar Jha on Letters For A Nation: From Jawaharlal Nehru To His Chief Ministers (1947 to 1963) Edited By Madhav Khosla | Mon Dec 22, 2014
The states of the nation: news, headlines, gossip, rumours, things we learnt
| Mon Dec 22, 2014
Business in bitesizes
| Mon Dec 22, 2014
goa restaurant
A charming joint housed in an old Portuguese-style home, down the lane from where artist F.N. Souza once lived.
Anvar Alikhan | Mon Dec 22, 2014
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
Vinod Mehta's outspokenness reflects in the magazine’s stand and highlights its never-ending pursuit of the truth.
Amar Singh | Mon Dec 22, 2014
20 OUTSPOKEN, outstanding, outlier
One may agree or disagree with the reportage in Outlook but what is undisputed is that it makes its presence felt.
Prasoon Joshi | Mon Dec 22, 2014
The Insnider
A regular column on the essential buzz
| Mon Dec 22, 2014
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