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S. Anand
The Greatest Indian
So, finally, Ambedkar comes into his own in the national consciousness. Now perhaps it’s time to embrace a legacy sidelined by the dominant discourse.
Magazine | Aug 20, 2012
Saba Naqvi
Cover Story
Why banking on Hindu-Muslim polarisation is a folly
Magazine | Aug 19, 2013
Sagarika Ghose
The Beginning
Possibilities lurk in dark alleys. For us, it was in three rooms with rickety tables.
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
Sajan Venniyoor
L'Affaire Doniger
...and further meditations on sacred art
Web | Mar 13, 2014
Salman Rushdie
It forces the author to impose his own reading of his work on the reader, depriving him of the aura of mystery around its origins
Magazine | May 25, 2009
Sam Miller
Being Indian
Or how I determinedly sized up the careworn Indian system, ran into a brick wall, yet still managed to secure a PIO card for myself
Magazine | Aug 24, 2009
Samanth Subramanian
Larry Darrell's peripatetic quest for the Meaning of Life influenced him enormously, but less its spiritual goal than its nomadic nature. One of the two short-listed essays in the fourth Outlook/Picador India Non-Fiction Competition
Web | May 13, 2005
Samir Chopra
One-Day Game
Forget the critics, the ODI still adds punch to the game
Magazine | Feb 21, 2011
Sanchari Roy
survey: growth
Two academics hold Gujarat up against other states to see if it grew more in the Modi decade than in the preceding 20 years
Magazine | Mar 31, 2014
Sandipan Deb
Alumni cults have been there as long as there have been alumni. It’s a members only club, and it looks out for its own.
Magazine | Oct 07, 2013
Sanjay Manjrekar
The holder of most batting records is also a passionate lover, follower, thinker and practitioner of the art of bowling
Magazine | Feb 01, 2011
Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Indian civilisation derives from no utopian ideal; it was founded on, and as, a crossroads
Magazine | Aug 20, 2001
Sanjay Suri
Looking Ahead
Being an Indian is good. It can make you walk that bit taller, the bit that makes a difference.
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
Sanjeev Saith
Pictures of Dilli
Eight acclaimed photographers show us what our city looks like from behind the lens. In this essay of 11 images curated by Sanjeev Saith, we get a glimpse of all that makes Delhi-- from power struggles to power cuts
Web | Apr 11, 2007
Sanjoy Hazarika
The media ignores basic facts about the Northeast, J&K in its insurgency chatter
Magazine | Nov 01, 2010
Sankarshan Thakur
It is the battle of the mind that India has lost in Kashmir. Let's open our eyes to it, let's tell ourselves the reality about Kashmir. Only then can we begin to credibly handle what we call our Kashmir problem.
Magazine | Oct 16, 2000
Santosh Desai
That epic moment when we spotted ourselves on TV
Magazine | Oct 19, 2009
Saryu Ahuja
Outlook-picador non-fiction contest 2002
Saryu Ahuja's prize-winning entry on the East-West clash—ammas with Tata Steel shares, NRI nephews from Yel-Lay, a hot Matunga, a cash-rich Tirupati...
Magazine | Feb 18, 2002
Sashi Kumar
What has the first decade of the 21st century been like?
Magazine | Jan 10, 2011
Sasthi Brata
A mortal quest for that perfect 'ness', but whither lies this elusive phantom? It has baffled poets and philosophers for generations.
Magazine | Jan 10, 2005
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