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P. Chidambaram
For The Record
Full text of the Sixth Nani A. Palkhivala memorial lecture delivered by the home minister on October 5, 2009 at Mumbai in which he also spoke, inter alia, on Naxalism and terrorism
Web | Oct 15, 2009
P. Sainath
Rural India is a giant canvas that is begging the media to do a portrait, many portraits. But it has failed — resoundingly.
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
P.N. Dhar
Book Extract
26 June 1975 was when the Emergency was imposed. Extracts from the much-talked about book by the head of Indira Gandhi's secretariat and one of her closest advisors through the 1970s.
Web | Jun 26, 2002
P.V. Indiresan
We bemoan that we no longer live in a heroic age. But where are the heroes?
Magazine | Aug 19, 2002
Palash Krishna Mehrotra
She may not wear her patriotism on her sleeve, nor drown in religious ecstasy, but the young Indian still hugs the festive spirit, in other ways
Magazine | Aug 24, 2009
Pankaj Mishra
On Tagore’s unkind reception in China, adapted exclusively for Outlook by the author from his forthcoming book
Magazine | Aug 13, 2012
Paranjoy Guha Thakurta
Pay and they will publish you. It’s a short stop to doomsday from here for our media.
Magazine | Nov 01, 2010
Paromita Shastri
What If....
We wouldn't have had a Hindu rate of growth. We wouldn't have had labels such as "socialist, secular" and "integrity of the nation". We wouldn't be fighting over privatising because much would have stayed private anyway...
Magazine | Aug 23, 2004
Paromita Vohra
love game
On screen, as in life, the many-splendoured thing makes us want to identify with the other
Magazine | Jul 13, 2009
Partha Chatterjee
Land Acquisition
Politics and outdated policy have vitiated agriculture-industry land distribution
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
Patrick French
There will always be a market for analysis. But will marketers see that in the inkblot?
Magazine | Nov 01, 2010
Paul R. Brass
Democracy promises, but defers de liverance. The 'country' prospers, the people suffer in perpetuity.
Magazine | Aug 21, 2006
Pavan K. Varma
Exclusive Extracts
A forthcoming book charts the middle class's insular landscape
Magazine | Apr 27, 1998
Pervez Hoodbhoy
With well over a billion Muslims and extensive material resources, why is the Islamic world disengaged from science and the process of creating new knowledge? It was not always this way.
Web | Aug 07, 2007
Peter Greste
It was a war of unequals: rusty Soviet-era T-72s vs stealth fighters. The fall of Kabul was a walkover.
Magazine | Sep 16, 2002
Peter Roebuck
Cricket and politics, one day the reckoning arrives, the roar is heard
Magazine | Feb 21, 2011
Philip Mould
There are more eyeballs to grab that masterpiece today
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
Phillip Knightley
Will they do away with journalists next to cut costs?
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
Pico Iyer
Short Take
"Y2K?" It sounded like one of those Highland flings that had led to Tuppy Glossop's expulsion from Gloucestershire. "The Millennium Bug," Jeeves went on. "The Glitch to End all Glitches."
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
Po Bronson
Book Extract
Mike's startup was tearing itself apart faster than it could build itself. And then he got rid of his internet glasses.
Magazine | Jul 15, 2002
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