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N. Kalyan Raman
'Native' literatures run close to the living nerve, but English too must find its way to Imagining India and, in the process, enrich itself by looking beyond its class horizons
Magazine | Aug 20, 2001
N. Ram
Let us not expect Modi to relinquish his ideological roots. The BJP’s poll manifesto points to the limits of his flexibility.
Magazine | Apr 21, 2014
N. Rathnasree
The starry-eyed addicts of daily-horoscopes might take it lightly, but the UGC policy of introducing astrology as a subject could do with an informed perspective.
Web | Jun 19, 2001
N.J. Nanporia
From the near-paralysis of Nehruvian socialism to a de-ideologised pragmatism is a long way to go
Magazine | Oct 16, 2000
N.R. Narayana Murthy
EXCLUSIVE: book extract
The virtues of compassionate capitalism can go a long way in solving problems that have plagued India
Magazine | Apr 20, 2009
N.S. Madhavan
The flight of Big Little Governance Ideas northwards has ceased
Magazine | Aug 15, 2011
N.U. Abilash
Tracing the history of the Ashes -- the first this millennium and the first time when it begins in July instead of the traditional first week June start -- to its working class origins
Web | Jul 04, 2001
Nabaneeta Dev Sen
texts of desire
By sharing their joys and sorrows through song, women gain in strength and create a space to express their desires.
Magazine | Oct 28, 2002
Nalin Mehta
Is a successful London 2012 possible for India? Or will a sports culture remain an illusion with India not bothering to look beyond cricket and turning into a multi sporting nation?
Web | Jul 03, 2012
Naman Ramachandran
a typical romance
Bollywood isn't shy when it comes to exploring taboo love
Magazine | Jul 13, 2009
Nandan Nilekani
ICT In India
How Information and communications technology can be a tool for wide ranging reform and innovation in the future, and transform the everyday lives of Indians
Magazine | Dec 01, 2008
Nandita Haksar
My India Story
A young man's painful death in a Manipur village; an indelible taint on the Indian dream
Magazine | Jan 14, 2008
Naomi Wolf
The Princess Metaphor
The pretty, docile creature is passe. Princessing is good, hard work these days.
Magazine | Jan 02, 2012
Naren Karunakaran
Nasreen Munni Kabir
on the srk trail
He lives for the adulation of his fans and sure enough, his popularity has spread way beyond our shores
Magazine | May 30, 2005
Nathan Myhrvold
The Nuclear Way
It would be grave folly to recoil from the N-option, our safest
Magazine | Jan 02, 2012
Niall Ferguson
A Changing World
Revolution has long been in the air. Will it really come to pass?
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
Nikhil Khanna
faces of femininity
The Blue blood, the "It" girl, the home maker, the page three diva, the boss ... the artist/writer ... the dehati politician.
Magazine | Oct 28, 2002
Nilanjana Roy
A national dish for India? Cut out the curry, the dosa has searing ambitions.
Magazine | Jan 11, 2010
Noam Chomsky
Book Extract
'Lebanon is being destroyed, Israel's Gaza prison is suffering still more savage blows, and on the West Bank, mostly out of sight, the United States and Israel are consummating their project of the murder of a nation, a grim and rare event in history.'
Web | Jul 31, 2006

By Author Name: Please click the first letter of the first name that you are looking for:

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