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J.K. Rowling
For The Record
...and the Importance of Imagination: text of the Harvard University Commencement Address by the author of the Harry Potter novels delivered on June 5, 2008.
Web | Jun 12, 2008
J.M. Coetzee
Nobel Lecture
What is my relation to young Daniel Defoe?, Crusoe asks. As master and slave? As brothers, twin brothers? As comrades in arms? Or as enemies, foes? The prize winner for literature was, shall we say, as enigmatic as himself in his Nobel Lecture.
Web | Dec 11, 2003
J.N. Dixit
Cameos 95
A permanently hostile neighbourhood, muscle-flexing superpowers, a nuclear test controversy and a marginal role in global trade-yet India holds its own
Magazine | Jan 03, 1996
Jagdish Bhagwati
Third Annual Hiren Mukerjee Lecture
'Politicians should be looking to augment reforms, not reverse them as misguided anti-reform critics urge'
Web | Dec 06, 2010
Jairam Ramesh
Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture
Some reflections on the Maoist issue: the title of the lecture comes from the popular image in the media that a “liberated” Red corridor is sought to be created extending from Andhra Pradesh to Nepal and cutting across the very heart of India...
Web | Oct 11, 2011
Jakob De Roover
The many strands entangled in l' affaire Doniger involve issues that are too important to be left to the predictable and somewhat stale rhetoric about Hindutva fanatics or lamenting the role of the Indian government and judiciary
Web | Feb 18, 2014
Jan Morris
My India Story
Encountering Gandhi's Dandi, rare Raj relics, a pickpocket, a wanderer and a cool cabbie
Magazine | Jan 14, 2008
Jason Overdorf
My India Story
Often, it all ends up as a strange, involuntary, one-man circus act by a bald white man
Magazine | Jan 14, 2008
Jaswant Singh
"So deep-rooted in me is my birthplace, I take Rajasthan with me wherever I go"
Magazine | Jan 12, 2009
Javed Jabbar
‘Minorities’ have an inalienable claim on Pakistani nationalism—a spiritual-ethnic identity on a modernising quest
Magazine | Apr 08, 2013
Jean Dreze
It has to be but a means to development, not an end in itself
Magazine | Nov 14, 2011
Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio
Nobel Lecture
Why do we write? I imagine that each of us has his or her own response to this simple question. One has predispositions, a milieu, circumstances. Shortcomings, too. If we are writing, it means that we are not acting....
Web | Dec 07, 2008
Jeremy Seabrook
The Kiss of the West enables Indian economy but does violence to its cultural core
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
Jerry Pinto
It may be a many-splendoured thing, but in Hindi cinema love is marred by a regressive streak
Magazine | May 30, 2005
Jerry Rao
Tomorrow's World
Metal, parchment, bytes-the change gets easier with time
Magazine | Jan 03, 2000
John L. Esposito
Many strands of political Islam are deemed 'fundamentalist', no thanks to the Bush-Sharon axis
Magazine | Sep 16, 2002
John Pilger
The stark contrasts of Bombay are, in a sense, a metaphor for all of India. A concentrated spectacle of absolute deprivation and its absolute opposite.
Magazine | Aug 22, 2005
Jose Antonio Ocampo
Global Equity
Worsening income distribution hits all but the rich. It’s time to resurrect the welfare state
Magazine | Jan 07, 2013
José Manuel Durão Barroso
Nobel Lecture
'Over the past sixty years, the European project has shown that it is possible for peoples and nations to come together across borders. That it is possible to overcome the differences between "them" and "us".'
Web | Dec 10, 2012
José Saramago
Nobel Lecture
In appreciation of José Saramago (16 November 1922 - 18 June 2010), the Portuguese writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998, we reproduce his Lecture on receiving the award
Web | Jun 18, 2010
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