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G. Sujatha
Welcome to the land of the civilised. The 'savage' here is taught how to contain and consume, how to conspire and contrive, how to connive and convert, how to coerce and collide. This has what has happened with the Adivasis of Wayanad in Kerala.
Web | Jul 11, 2003
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Journalism must go back to the trenches, rediscover the basics
Magazine | Oct 17, 2005
Gail Omvedt
Ambedkar vs Gandhi
Gandhi and Ambedkar feuded over how they saw untouchability, one as just a sin of Hinduism, the other as the denial of rights to an oppressed people
Magazine | Aug 20, 2012
Gauri Gill
As l'affaire Sajjan Kumar hits the headlines, we revisit the photographs that document the ongoing impact of the 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom in New Delhi
Web | May 01, 2013
Gautam Bhatia
Graphic experiment’s completely eluded Indian magazines
Magazine | Nov 01, 2010
Gautam Chikermane
Wealth creation
Across time and space, these are the three eternal laws of making money
Magazine | Mar 15, 2004
George Perkovich
Many outsiders believe India overvalues nuclear weapons to the neglect of more important foundations of national greatness.
Magazine | Oct 16, 2000
Geralyn Pinto
How long does a journey have to be before it qualifies as one? I ask because I've had some that were four feet long, some 25 feet, others that were the length of India....The runner-up essay in the fourth Outlook/Picador India Non-Fiction Competition
Web | May 11, 2005
Gideon Haigh
Their crickets are remote from one another, a more fruitful comparison is their fame: how they gained it, and retain it
Magazine | Feb 01, 2011
Gilbert Achcar
Book Extract
'Lebanon is being destroyed, Israel's Gaza prison is suffering still more savage blows, and on the West Bank, mostly out of sight, the United States and Israel are consummating their project of the murder of a nation, a grim and rare event in history.'
Web | Jul 31, 2006
Girish Karnad
Tata Literature Live! festival
The noted playwright takes Landmark and Literature Alive to task: 'Do they mean to valorise Naipaul's stand that Indian Muslims are raiders and marauders? Are they supporting his continued insistence on Muslim buildings in India being monuments to rape and loot?'
Web | Nov 02, 2012
Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Full Text: 15th D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture
Thus spake the former West Bengal governor, who stunned his hosts, the CBI, and dubbed Reliance as "a parallel State".
Web | Apr 16, 2014
Graeme Pollock
Sachin is a picture of concentration every time he plays
Magazine | Feb 01, 2011
Gulu Ezekiel
High Note
Lighter moments from World Cups come and gone...
Magazine | Feb 21, 2011
Günter Grass
Despair shouldn't stain the voice of resistance in these times of cynical war
Magazine | Sep 01, 2003
Gurcharan Das
India’s overnight ascension, characterised and caricaturised as having manifested despite its state rather than due to it, is unsustainable. Here’s a photosynthetic model for growth.
Magazine | Sep 17, 2012
Gyan Prakash
Review Essay
To argue, as Dalrymple does, that it was only imperial arrogance and evangelical influence that forced the rebels to engage in a life-or-death struggle is to underestimate the depth of their determination. Revolt and resistance against colonialism were inherent in alien rule.
Web | Apr 18, 2007

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