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A.K. Ramanujan
Even as an unlikely debate rages around the Ram Setu, right-wing student activists in a pocket of Delhi university took exception to a celebrated essay by an eminent scholar...
Magazine | Mar 17, 2008
A.S. Panneerselvan
Space might be infinite; but the space available for living is finite. Unless we start seeking answers for the space on which we live on a "Here and Now" basis, the Time will end and the judgment day is not very far.
Web | Mar 15, 2001
Aakash Chopra
The future game will demand change. The ICC better hang on.
Magazine | Jul 30, 2012
Aatish Taseer
Exclusive extracts from the much awaited first novel, The Temple-Goers: The world of Delhi’s power dinner.
Magazine | Jan 25, 2010
Abhay Mehta
Against the most heavily armed opponent in the history of War, Fallujah has still not let itself be "taken" to date. The mightiest military machine in history has met its match. A turning point in military affairs? The end of warfare, as practiced by the Americans - the application of overwhelming force to obtain a victory?
Web | Dec 20, 2004
Abraham Eraly
The Brits didn't do it, we Indians brought it on ourselves
Magazine | Aug 22, 2005
Adam Nagourney
The Playboy
The West’s top playboy thrives in his own world
Magazine | Jan 02, 2012
Aditi Banerjee
The story of why I became involved with co-editing a book that analyzes the representation of Hinduism in American academia and the ensuing and ongoing politics when such representations are challenged both by the Indian diaspora as well as by academicians
Web | Jun 29, 2007
Adoor Gopalakrishnan
Millennium Special
Hindi's monopoly has led to an impoverished cinematic language
Magazine | Nov 15, 1999
Ahmed Rashid
The war against terror has only strengthened the despots in the region, fanning more disaffection
Magazine | Sep 16, 2002
Ainslie T. Embree
What If...
It is a very big 'What if?' and all I can do is to list how the ideals of the leaders might have been worked out, with advantage to all the people of South Asia...
Magazine | Aug 23, 2004
Aishwary Kumar
The Ahimsa To Come
As one who can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, a young Ambedkar formulates his ahimsa of inclusion.
Magazine | Aug 20, 2012
Ajay Raina
First Person
This account of my visit to my homeland last year is an attempt to express the pain, the bitterness and the anger I feel for being an Indian, a Kashmiri and a Kashmiri in exile at a time when the memory of another minority in another border state of India recently undergoing a more brutal, a more heinous 'pogrom' is still fresh.
Web | Nov 15, 2002
Ajaz Ashraf
Journalists who live in glass houses must throw stones at others
Magazine | Nov 01, 2010
Ajit Balakrishnan
Indians celebrate technology... but after refracting it through ancient social lenses so that the light on the other side reflects old mindsets
Magazine | Aug 24, 2009
Ajit Bhattacharjea
The corrupt Indian democracy would do good to remember JP's ideals on his birth centenary
Magazine | Oct 14, 2002
Ajith Pillai
Mr Tendulkar, unfortunately, has to go out and look for a job...
Magazine | Feb 01, 2011
Akbar S. Ahmed
What is it about our historical icons that it becomes incumbent to deify or vilify them? Why not accept them for what they are, reclaim a common heritage?
Magazine | Aug 22, 2005
Al Gore
Nobel Peace Lecture
"Make no mistake, the next generation will ask us one of two questions. Either they will ask: "What were you thinking; why didn't you act? " Or they will ask instead: "How did you find the moral courage to rise and successfully resolve a crisis that so many said was impossible to solve?"
Web | Dec 10, 2007
Alam Srinivas
What If...
Would we have emerged as a religious-nationalist society? As India's first PM, Sardar Patel would have prompted more questions and provided few answers.
Magazine | Aug 23, 2004
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By Author Name: Please click the first letter of the first name that you are looking for:

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